Recycling At Montana Tech

So you’ve just finished a refreshing beverage that you’ve purchased on campus, now what do you do with the empty container? You could very easily walk over and place it in a trash can. However, with a little more effort you could be environmentally responsible and dispose of your used product in a recycling bin. 

To understand the value of recycling it’s important to look at what recycling actually means and does. Recycling creates a closed-loop system where used products are returned back to processing centers to be turned into “new” products again. This system cuts down the cost to consumers, lessens environmental impacts, and creates a more sustainable product system.  

According to Eco-Cycle, one of America’s largest non-profit recyclers, American’s generate more than 230 million tons of solid waste each year. By recycling just 30% of our waste each year, Americans save the energy equivalent of 11.9 billion gallons of gasoline and reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 25 million cars off the road. 

It isn’t enough to occasionally recycle. We as humans are responsible for our present and future state of things. Recycling should be a part of every human’s daily routine; it’s the responsible way to take care of our waste. 

With these facts in mind, do you know where or what you can recycle on campus or in Butte? Montana Tech has small recycling bins located near the front entrances of every building on campus. There are also two large recycling “dumpsters” behind the library. The services on campus are provided by A.W.A.R.E Inc. of Butte. Products that can be recycled on campus include: plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. You cannot recycle glass at Montana Tech.

To recycle around Butte, you can take all the above recycling plus glass to the Headwaters Cooperative Recycling bins at these locations: 

Civic Center
Harrison Ave
NCAT/Hillcrest School on Continental Drive
Behind Post Office on Dewey Boulevard
West Side, Excelsior Ave.
Across from Pan Canadian (Excelsior and Platinum) 

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