Local Food - Crêpes!

In fall, there’s nothing like sitting in a cozy restaurant and looking out at the season’s beauty while enjoying the warmth of a great cup of coffee and a hearty plate of wholesome food. Doesn’t that just sound inviting? If you fancy a similar experience then look no further than The Copper Crêperie, located in uptown Butte on Park Street, just a block off Montana Street towards Montana Tech. This cozy little restaurant offers up an abundant selection of delicious and wholesome comfort food, all wrapped up in the uniquely delectable packaging of a “crêpe.” 

A crêpe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour, which is then filled with sweet or savory fillings to create endless flavor combinations. The Copper Crêperie goes above and beyond the classic wheat crêpe and offers: traditional, buckwheat, sweet, gluten free, and fresh herb. All the options can be a bit overwhelming so there’s a menu of “Suggestions” for the less adventurous crêpers. Suggestions include: ham, cheddar, onion and chives in a fresh herb crêpe; yogurt, fruit, and Nutella in a sweet crêpe; and my brother’s favorite - raspberries, sweet cream, and raspberry sauce in traditional crêpe. They even have a variation of the classic Greek gyro and Philly sub! The word “crêpe” is of French origin, derived from the Latin crispa, meaning “curled;” which will make perfect sense to you once you take your first bite. Your taste buds will want to curl up and cozy down in the mouthwatering and delectable flavor!

My family and I have made a tradition of going to The Copper Crêperie every Sunday after church, where this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two other Tech students and their friends from Canada. They had been there the day before as well and just couldn’t get enough. In their words, I found out what kept them coming back to the Crêperie two days in a row, “The food is dope and off the hook!” To which Payton added, “It can be summed up in a single word: ‘siiiiiick’.” (Meaning ‘good’ in this context, of course) They said that the food is so good it was worth driving 18 hours all the way from Canada to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving here, instead of feasting on turkey and stuffing back home. If that doesn’t convince you to try The Copper Crêperie next time you’re craving some good eats then maybe this little ballad will do the trick, a group composition written courtesy of our fellow Tech students after they’d thoroughly enjoyed their crepes:

“A Copper Crêperie crêpe requires the accompaniment of only a fork and a knife. The presence of salt and pepper on the table is clearly only for aesthetic purposes, as the crêpe needs nothing more. It is laughable to fathom improving this beautiful work of culinary art with something as mundane as salt and pepper.”

Well said boys, well said. 

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