10 Things Recruiters Say About Tech Students

Career Services is in a unique position to hear firsthand from companies and their recruiters what they think of Montana Tech students.  After every event and interview session evaluations are collected, reviewed and tabulated.  The fall career fair and the numerous interviews that followed listed a multitude of compliments, but these were the consistent themes and, as such, our top 10!

#1 – Strong work ethic – “They roll up their sleeves and they get things accomplished.” Over and over the recruiters cite our students’ ability show up early, work until the job is done and done well.  

#2 – They are ambitious very early – Many Tech students quickly begin to seek out internship opportunities or summer/work study jobs that will add to their broad experience base, both inside and outside the classroom.

#3 – Solid technical knowledge – Recruiters are impressed with the breadth of practical knowledge our students have.  This comes from solid classroom preparation and the technical backgrounds they develop in terms of internship experience.

#4 – Great GPAs – Many companies use GPA as a qualifier for interviewing.  The recruiters cite that they keenly understand the rigors of the coursework at Tech (many are alums) and acknowledge those students who can maintain the high GPA.

#5 – Well prepared to interview – One thing nearly every company looks for when interviewing students is “What do they know about our company.”  Tech students are often complimented on the research they have done before going into an interview.  One recruiter remarked that a student asked him about a very technical drilling technique his company was using and the recruiter was scheduled to go to a class on this the following week because it was that new!

#6 – Good communicators – Being able to “tell your story” quickly and succinctly is another skill recruiters value.  Tech students are often highly rated on their ability to clearly communicate and give good examples of their past experience.

#7 – Good eye-contact – Being able to maintain consistent eye-contact with one or more interviewers can be a challenge, but one Tech students seemed to have added to their skill bases.  It helps convey honesty and sincerity.

#8 – Community involvement – Companies look for future employees who care about others and have volunteered time to community projects or extra-curricular activities.

#9 – Confidence – Tech students value their knowledge, experience and skills and are able to confidently tell recruiters what they can bring to the workplace.  Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.

#10 – Passion – Citing Dave Wulf of ConocoPhillips – “This year brought about some exceptional students.  It is what keeps me coming back.  The talent and passion has never been better in these students.  Tech should be proud of these students.”

So, congratulations Montana Tech students!  You are remarkable examples of the Tech experience and it is easy to see why you are IN DEMAND.   For those of you who may not feel ready in terms of your resumes, interviewing skills or job search strategies – have no fear.  Career Services is open during the upcoming holiday break and our staff stands ready to help.  Just give us a call at 496-4140 or come by Engineering Hall 103 to make an appointment.

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