Top 10 Free Smartphone Apps of 2011

There’s plenty of jammin’ iPhone apps that won’t cost you a cent. 2011 was another great year for Apple, despite the loss of its fearless leader, Steve Jobs. In honor of the media giant, or as I like to call it, the Big Apple, here’s my top 10 apps of 2011. 

Let’s not try to pretend you waste spend far more time on this site than MyMtech. And why not when it’s just as easy to update your status strolling between classes as it is from the comfort of your classroom. Notice: Facebooking while walking may result in running into doors, light posts, railings, and other pedestrians. Facebook may also decrease your grade point. 

Unlike Facebook, which one could argue can also be used for the “research” and “educational” purposes, as well as sheer time-wasting; Angry Birds is a one trick time-wasting pony. But spend a couple Angry hours chasing pigs and you’ll discover what a gratifying waste of time it is. 

3. Bible
Join over 35 million people who read, listen and share God’s Word using the Bible App, myself included. At press time (I always wanted to say that), I am 78% done reading the Holy book, which is much farther than I’d be without this app. There’s a huge selection of 200+ free Bible versions and 200+ plans to help you track your progress. My favorite part? Bible will read to you with its audio feature – complete with theme music, sound effects, and voices- oh my!

4. Redbox
Movie rentals for only $1.20 a pop? Major DUH… Download the free app to reserve your copy of the hottest new releases before your roommate can beat you down to Wal-Mart to pick it up. Winning!

5. Pandora Free/ Spotify (tie)
Gone is the age of illegal MP3 pirating, welcome to the largest free and legal music library you could ever want. Pandora makes it easy to discover new artists with a similar sound to musicians you already dig, and save your stations for later listening. Spotify’s coolest feature? You can link it to #1, Facebook, and swap playlists with friends, or tell all your friends what you’re listening to. You know, because they care. 

7. Groupon
In college you can’t afford to not be a savvy shopper, Groupon is by far one of the best coupon apps out there, bringing deals up to 90% off straight to your phone. You’ll only see deals in your area (Billings/Bozeman is an option), so you won’t be left drooling over the 2 for one skydiving adventure in Houston, TX. Discover deals on dining, travel, excursions, goods, electronics, and more! 

8. SparkPeople
Keep your fitness spark alive with the iPhone Food & Fitness Tracker. This app is designed to help you track your weight loss progress or healthy lifestyle goals with a calorie tracker, access to meal plans, a log for your fitness and calories burned, and more. Detailed weight and calorie reports give you feedback on your progress, and the app will fully sync with your current SparkPeople.com online account. 

9. IWBNIN (I Was Broke Now I’m Not)
Budgeting is now easier than ever thanks to this app with built in categories for multiple income sources, various expenses, and common monthly costs such as gas, rent and groceries. Best feature? The app automatically calculates the percentage of your income that goes to each expense so you can track where most of your hard earned dollars are going. 

10. NFL Mobile
Summons the magical powers of knowing where the ball is, the score, quarter, and stats of your favorite football teams whenever they’re playing without interrupting your flourishing social commitments. Now that’s dedication. 

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