At Dawn We Rage: Concert Review

I was skeptical when first asked to review a night out listing to At Dawn We Rage, the electronic dance music DJs. However, as the night went on a whole new musical genre was discovered. Upon entering the Silver Dollar I was immediately greeted by the sight of people of all age groups dressed in loud outfits. There were women dressed as cats and there was GoGo dancers wearing bedazzled bikinis.

The electronic scene definitely attracts an interesting mix of characters. As the night aged, the place became packed and the outfits and people grew more outrageous. The music itself did not let you hold still. The large amount of bass and the dubstep-like sounds engulfed all listeners and they just had to dance! Positive remarks from the crowd members wear heard throughout the night.

Chad, an SHGF productions employee was asked why he was into electronic music and he stated “Because I can feel it” without any hesitation. It was interesting to observe the uncensored dancing and flashy visuals that come with this genre of music. Other than the intense music, awesome visuals, and bikini clad chics, there was an overall welcoming vibe from everyone.

I even got a chance to chat with one of the opening DJs known as Wargasm. When I asked the Butte native about how he got into this music, he said he simply “found a few songs and the music just stuck”. As a newcomer to this genre I can see how the intricate sounds can just stick with you! 

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