5 Frugal, Healthy Tips

Your schedule may not seem daunting yet, but the stress of college can turn many a good intentioned student into a stressed out, sniffling, and sleep-deprived mess. That’s why now it’s an excellent time to make a few small investments to keep your health and sanity during the school year. Here’s five frugal finds to stay healthy this year: 

1. Multivitamin
A multivitamin contains key nutriments for brain function, healthy skin and bones, and immune system function. You can pick up a bottle of the good ol’ one-a-day multivitamins for just a few bucks at Wal-Mart, but why not have fun staying healthy? Opt for fruity gummies or chocolate chews to indulge your inner child!

2. Student Planner
Remove the stress of forgetting about an important task until the night before by writing down exam dates, paper due dates, and even birthdays, parties, trips and holidays. You’ll minimize the clutter in your life and keep your mind free from trying to keep it all in order.   

3. Earbuds
You can snag a pair of these little guys for under five bucks in the sale bin at Staples, and you’ll be glad you did. Besides their obvious uses, you can use them as earplugs so you can sleep in noisy dorm rooms or play Mozart when studying to take advantage of the great influence classical music has on brain development. 

4. Re-usable Water Bottle
For your health it’s important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, dehydration makes you feel tired and sluggish, which leads to unproductivity - also known as ‘the dog ate my homework syndrome.’ But for the health of the planet it’s important to not fill landfills with millions of plastic bottles every year. Plus, bottled water is not cheap.  I’ve seen it for sale for 8 dollars a bottle! But hey, water is free right? Make the one-time investment of a good water bottle, and then drink to your health! 

5. Hand Sanitizer
The last essential health find can often be found at the best price: Free! On campus, be on the lookout for hand sanitizer dispensers at the library, the Student Union, the gym, computer labs, and outside classrooms. Germs thrive in common spaces and it’s impossible to avoid all contact with germs, but a squirt of hand sanitizer can’t hurt! 

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