Parking On Campus

Montana Tech is always growing and competition for parking spots on campus is heating up. If you live close by walking to and from class will save money and benefit your body. If you must drive, be careful not to break parking regulations.

Students and faculty with vehicles must purchase a parking decal to use the lots. Decals for students cost fifty five dollars for the first and fifteen for each additional decal. The decals are classified as follows A- faculty/staff, B- student/faculty/staff, D- residence hall, P- professional staff, V- visitor, VC-chancellor, FV- MT Tech Foundation visitor parking only.

Parking fines will be issued if any of the regulations are violated such as, parking in the wrong zone, or parking on the street. The fines have been increased from $10 to $20 this year. If the fine is not paid a hold is placed on your transcripts by the registrar’s office until all fines are paid. Handicapped parking violations are more serious and carry a hundred dollar fine.

As Tech security guard Sean Milligan informed me, most fines are issued for violating parking regulations and are easy to avoid. If you ever have issues finding a parking spot the HPER lot normally has spots available, the gravel lots west of the HPER and NRB always have parking spots available. 

The Most Ticketed Areas
Crosshatched areas along  east end of tiers
Crosshatched areas at the west library lots
Yellow curbs on Park street, front of NRB 
Visitor parking spots on campus
Students parking in the faculty staff lots
Staff and B decal students in dorm lots
In front of the HPER 
Between handicapped spots 
Museum only spots

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