Homecoming Recap

The Baptist Student Union had a homecoming year that will not be forgotten.  The Baptist Student Union established themselves as the dominant club on campus winning two of the three annual events in dominating fashion as they won the overall competition defeating perennial giants in SME and SPE.

BSU won the bed races by defeating last year’s champion by modifying their radical bed design from a year ago.  Continuing their two wheel-bobsled inspired design, they were able to overcome both SPE and SME in dominating fashion.  SME slightly modified their winning design from a year ago by placing the larger wheels in the front of the bed and the smaller wheels in the rear.  This modification made them slower than the other beds in the race.  Also making a return to glory in the bed races was ASCE with their winning design from two years ago finally fully repaired and displaying success that was missing last year.

BSU also won the parade competition having a mock cemetery on their float.  Also making impressive floats were SME, and Math Club.  The Environmental Engineers of Montana Tech won the historical Race to the M.  King and Queen honors went to the representatives from the COT.

Congratulations to all those that enjoyed success during this year’s homecoming and special congratulations to the Baptist Student Union.

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