Happy `Tweener Season

This time of year can be frustrating for us outdoor enthusiasts. The weather’s too spotty or unpredictable for hikes or bike rides and there’s just not enough snow yet to start those eagerly anticipated winter sports. Being so unique, it almost deserves its own name—‘tweener season—not really autumn and not yet winter; it’s “tween” the two. But that doesn’t mean you should grab the chips and settle into the futon for a couple weeks of Halo before Disco’s chairlifts start running. Just because the leaves are falling, doesn’t mean your motivation should: ‘Tweener season has everything to do with rallying once the snow falls.

Most importantly, right now could be the most valuable time to hit up some of Butte’s trails. The cooler weather is a great excuse not to get out, but if you grab an extra layer or two you’ll find the trails (literally) all to yourself. There’s nothing better than a peaceful ramble up the Maud ‘S’ Canyon on the East Ridge, getting to the vista just as the sun sets behind the Pintlers. There’s a good chance you might have the view of Butte all to yourself.

Now is the best time to get in the gym to keep what’s left of your fitness. Google some sport specific exercises to keep things fresh for the next few weeks. And please, please don’t forget to take care of your gear. It’s smart to get an end-of-the-season tune-up for your bike and plan ahead for tuning up your skis or snowboard, things get hectic this time of year. Need gear? Keep an eye on www.steepandcheap.com and local shops for killer preseason deals on all the goodies you need.

You see, ‘Tweener season is good after all. It guarantees you’ll be the first of your crew to hammer this winter, no matter what your chosen adventure. You’re welcome.

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