Battlefield 3 Out Now

The next game in the Battlefield series has finally arrived. Titles such as Battlefield have set high standards for their customers and year after year they still find ways to surpass our expectations. Battlefield 3 has done this yet again and left their community with a smile, and a huge replay value for a military first person shooter game. Problems were experienced on the launch with servers randomly crashing, upsetting a lot of people. Since the first week of the game launch however most problems have been fixed and online play is a blast.

If you loved any of the previous Battlefield games then this one is sure to please you. It includes new vehicles like jets, new game modes, and even a series of co-op missions to play online with a friend. Did I mention almost everything weapon wise is customizable? There are tons of attachments to unlock that will improve your weapons efficiency at decimating your enemy or helping your team. The graphics have been improved and game play is still as addictive as ever. There is too much to say about this game in one article, just be aware that it is overall a great buy.

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