Montana Tech Judo

This past weekend the Butte-Montana Tech Judo Club hosted and competed in a regional judo and submission grappling tournament.  The tournament was well attended with over 300 competitors from Montana, Idaho, Washington and North Dakota.  

Club members competed in judo, which is a form of wrestling that requires the competitors to wear a jacket (or gi), as well as submission grappling where the emphasis is on controlling your opponent until a submission technique can be applied.  The judo team judo event was won by the Montana Tech club, and is coached by John Amtmann, Dr. Marisa Pedulla, Kahl Clark and Justin Azure.  Dr. Marisa Pedulla competed at this tournament and impressed the audience and competitors alike with her proficient judo technique.  Club members who competed included:

Adult Members:
Kyle Haustveit 1st place judo, 2nd place grappling
Eric Berdeaux  2nd place judo, 1st place grappling
Cole Kratochvil 3rd place judo
Sam Pennell 3rd place judo
William Hay 2nd place judo
Jase Miller 4th place judo
Bryant Black 2nd place judo

Child Members:
Robert Lester 2nd place judo, 2nd place grappling
Aidan Amtmann 1st place judo (girls division), 1st place judo (mixed boys and girls division)
Courtney Walsh 2nd place judo

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