Digger Den

The administration here at Montana tech is constantly looking for ways to improve how students use the campus for both studying and social activities. Many students have noticed a lack of study spaces available to students after the school’s normal operation hours. In addition, other than the Digger Den, there are few places dedicated towards student social activities. Montana Tech’s administration and the Associated Students of Montana Tech (ASMT) have teamed up to make a step toward solving this problem. Our proposition is to switch the Bookstore and the Digger Den, creating a Mill Building dedicated to students. 

Let’s break this down to the fundamental components. The Mill Building would include the new Digger Den, a computer lab, the coffee shop, a conference room, a lounge space and more. The hours for the Mill Building would most likely be extended into the night on school nights, and possibly later for weekends, giving more opportunity for student use. The SUB would house a combined Bookstore, copy/mail center and Digger Card Center.  These combined services would make buying Tech Gear easier for prospective students, Alumni, and Digger fans. Book buying would also be easier with more space and increased staff. The Bookstore Director, Jeni Luft, is ecstatic about this idea. The move would give her bookstore increased space and a projected increase in revenue. Chris Van Nuland, Director of the Student Union, likes the idea because the new Mill Building would be very student oriented, giving him more opportunity for activities. As ASMT Vice President, I believe that the move would be very beneficial for the student populace in that the needs of the students would begin to be resolved. 

The only remaining input the administration requires is yours, the student population. Therefore a survey will be sent out with questions like, “Does this move represent the best interests of students?” and, “Would there be enough interest in moving the Digger Den, or is its current position acceptable?”  This survey will be sent out soon with these questions and more in order for the administration to best obtain the student input regarding this potential change. If you feel strongly one way or another, please do not hesitate to fill out this survey. Any comments and concerns can be voiced to me, John Henson, during my office hours or by email at, asmt.vicepresident@mtech.edu

Watch for the upcoming survey on the Montana Tech website and Digger Central. 

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