Tim Tebow Coming To Butte

It’s Tebow Time! Fuel Fitness & Nutrition is holding a Habitat for Humanity event right here in Butte, MT on March 6, 2012 at the Butte Civic Center. Special guest? None other than the highly inspirational and publicly spiritual superstar: Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos. The event starts at 1pm, and tickets are on sale now on the Butte Civic Center web site, starting as low as $25.00! Even better, you can get a free ticket if you sign up for one year membership at Fuel Fitness at either the Helena or Butte location.

Although the focus can easily be placed on the celebrity appearance, the true meaning of the event is not so superficial. According to KBZK.com, Michael Burks, the owner of Fuel Fitness, said “the reasons for the event are to bring in an exciting, positive role model to the Butte community as well as to raise enough funds to allow Habitat for Humanity to build a new house for a family in need. We have priced the tickets so that anyone can afford to come to the event, and if we can fill every seat we will raise enough money to allow Habitat to provide a brand new home to a local family.” 

At the event, Tebow will speak for a short time and then answer fan questions. Michael Burks, owner of Butte’s Fuel Fitness, is creating a great opportunity for fans to get their questions answered by allowing them to submit questions via the Fuel Fitness Facebook page. Questions will be picked from the submissions and answered by Tebow at the event. If you have a question, get online and submit it now! Not only could you get an answer to your burning questions, but if your question is answered at the event you will receive recognition for your submission. According to Burk, the news of the event is “spreading like wildfire,” so get your ticket as soon as possible! And remember, every penny earned from business sponsorships and tickets will go to Butte’s Habitat for Humanity. The event’s tagline is: ‘Let’s fill the house so we can build a house’. More information will be posted soon to the Fuel Fitness Facebook page.

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