Greenhouse Gas Inventory

What is a greenhouse gas inventory? A greenhouse gas inventory is how an institution, such as Montana Tech, or a household, such as your own, accounts for its emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are those that contribute to global climate change. 

 Did you know that since 2009 Montana Tech has conducted its own greenhouse gas inventory every other year? And finally, did you know that as a student, faculty, or staff, you play a major role in the accuracy of Montana Tech’s greenhouse gas inventories? In the past, commuting has accounted for 18% of the campus greenhouse gas inventory, or the carbon footprint, of Montana Tech.

In 2009 only 7% of students responded to a commuting survey. Whereas, the response rates for faculty and Staff/MBMG were 35% and 26%, respectively. While these numbers reflect some of the population of Tech, they don’t portray the portrait of greenhouse gas emissions as accurately as possible. A greater participation in the survey will improve the accuracy of the inventory. 

Around mid-February, you will be asked by the Chancellor’s office and the campus Sustainability Committee to participate in a survey. This survey will ask you how many miles per round trip, how many times per week, and what type of transportation you use to get to Montana Tech. Different types of transportation have different types and quantities of greenhouse gas emissions. For example, walking or biking would produce no greenhouse gas emissions, while taking the city bus or driving would produce some greenhouse gas emissions. 

Keep your eyes peeled in February for the “daily commuting” survey so that you can help Tech capture an accurate snapshot of its greenhouse gas emissions! 

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