5 Budget Video Games

5. Trenched
Trenched is a co-op wave based game where you and your teammates fight off hordes of televised monsters in giant robots. The game is very simple and can be addicting if you are playing with a buddy, doesn’t take long to beat the game though and many players are eagerly awaiting downloaded content. It is definitely nothing compared to Chromehounds or Armored Core but there is a lot of fun to be had.

4. Magic 2012
Magic 2012 features new decks, newer cards, and sweet artwork. The game has been cleaned up and plays easier than the previous arcade game and lets you set your difficulty for the AI. If you’re new to the game that’s not a problem the creators put a lot of challenges in the game that teaches you how to use cards and their effects.

3. Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja is a cheap game for the Kinect system. Using your arms as weapons you must slice through all the fruit that is thrown at you while avoiding bombs and prioritizing certain targets such as bananas. Believe it or not this game can be a real calorie burner, especially when the pomegranate comes out. You are given three seconds after hitting it once to slice and dice that fruit as many times as possible before it explodes.

2. Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Fans of the original Toy Soldiers will consider this game a great upgrade. A tower defense game where you can take control personally of the towers and even earn kill streaks called barrages, where a commando drops from the sky or call in the almighty AC-130. Each tower is upgradeable and when the user assumes command of the tower they are given extra abilities (multiple shots, shot control, increased power…etc).

1. Section 8 Prejudice
My personal favorite game that was released over the summer was section 8 prejudice. This is a first person shooter where you choose where to spawn on the battlefield by jumping from orbit. Each player has special armor that includes shields, jetpacks, and accelerated movement. The game is played by earning kills and using the points you earn to buy turrets and vehicles giving you an advantage, meant to be an online multiplayer game it excels in game play and is the best value for fifteen dollars.

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