Advice From A Senior

Graduating from high school or college is a big thing but there is always something that we wish we did or things we are happy we tried. Now that I am going to be graduating from college this year I have been reflecting a lot on things I have done and things I wish I have done. With this I feel that I should leave some tips that are still finishing up or just starting. 

Things I wish I would have done: 

 • Got more involved with clubs
Even though I have been very involved with the campus I still feel like I could have been involved with some of the clubs, not just the jobs or events on campus but the larger networks.

 • Start my networking early
Creating your network early is very important! Starting to find people in your field to help you find a job down the road will help a lot. Going to the career fairs will help with this if there are companies there for your profession.

 • Back up everything
Teachers will tell you this many times, but you should listen because even if you lose your thumb drive or it becomes corrupt you are going to need everything on it, and they don’t like excuses! 

 Things I’m happy I did:

 • Broke out of my shell
Throughout my life I have always been one of those shy quite girls and if you are that way in college then you will miss out on a lot of great experiences. Just remember college is a new place and it gives you a chance to find you.

 • Tried new things
For me this was cheerleading. In high school I did not like cheerleaders because of their personalities, but it was different here and something I’ve never done. One of the ways to grow and learn new things about your self is to try new things.

 •Got involved with my program
Most of the programs at Tech provide activities within each department some even have a groups that you can become involved with. The more you get involved the more people you will have to help you get through your time in college.

 •Got involved with the campus
I have worked in the Enrollment Processing Office and the Technocrat for three years now going on four. Working on campus has made me get involved with Tech days, registration events and many other activities making it so that I have met many very interesting and amazing people. My biggest piece of advice is to be yourself but don’t be afraid to try new things! Have fun and enjoy college!

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