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With Homecoming festivities starting this week, students are going to be able to enjoy numerous activities provided by the Student Activities Committee.  Two women sit in the isolated corner of first floor of the Student Union Building where their office lies.  JoAnne Nordhagen is laughing with Brenna Ferko while Pandora radio is playing on a nearby computer.  Mrs. Nordhagen is the head of the Student Activities Committee and with along with her assistant Brenna, they are responsible for the planning and preparation of the homecoming activities.

This year’s edition of homecoming will still feature the Race to the M and the legendary bed races.  This year’s edition of homecoming will feature new events that have Mrs. Nordhagen and Miss Ferko excited.

“I want to make sure everything goes smoothly,” said Mrs. Nordhagen.  A laugh comes from Miss Ferko. 

“I do whatever JoAnne needs me to do,” said Miss Ferko.   Miss Ferko is responsible for promoting club involvement and helping with the particular homecoming activities.

 “This year we are doing a baking contest and a talent show,” said Mrs. Nordhagen.  “It will be exciting to see the talent at Tech.”
The Student Activities Committee does place a heavy emphasis on the homecoming activities.  But the hard work that Mrs. Nordhagen and Miss Ferko does not stop with homecoming activities.

“We will have Humans versus Zombies,” said Mrs. Nordhagen.  The Humans versus Zombies will be arriving shortly after homecoming.  “Basically it’s a game of tag.  We also will have Casino Night, a carnival, and we are trying to get an obstacle course.  We will do something fun for Halloween and of course the Christmas Stroll.  I also want to make sure the clubs are well promoted throughout the campus.”

Miss Ferko is working on a campus wide recycling project in conjunction with Circle K and C.O.T. leadership.  The goal will be to create a long-term recycling program on both campuses.  Miss Ferko is also working on working on a reward system for the clubs on campus.  The reward system promotes that clubs will assist each other in activities.  For example if the Math club assists Circle K in a volunteering activity, the Math club will receive points.  At the end of the year, the clubs who assist the most will receive money for the following year.

Mrs. Nordhagen and Miss Ferko share a laugh.  In their office in the corner of the first floor of the Student Union Office, the two of them are hard at work, but they do not show any signs of stress.  Hard at work without stress, students have a lot to look forward to this week.

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